Safety Valve Cleaning Process

When our valves arrive back to us from offshore, they require a lot of cleaning and inspection. Our first video will take you through the process of receiving the valves, to preparing them for 3rd party inspection.

Our second video takes you through the 3rd party inspection process. This involves magnetic particle inspection and dimensional thread inspection.

It is important to note that all components are de-magnetised after inspection.

DT Valve Videos Coming Soon

Have you ever wondered what is involved in getting our DT Valves ready for offshore?

Over the next few weeks we are going to release taster videos to show you what's involved, from the point of receiving valves back from offshore, to the delivery of the valves to a new job.

Keep an eye on our page for the first video, coming soon.

Pressure Testing Facility

With personnel safety and wellbeing being at the top of our priorities, we continue to make ongoing improvements to our facilities.

We have recently upgraded our pressure testing facility to a new swivel support mechanism to hold the tool in place while testing. This allows for easy movement of the tool by the user while eliminating many of the previous pinch points and manual handling tasks.

IADC/SPE Managed Pressure Drilling & Underbalanced Operations Conference and Exhibition

Thank you to everyone who watched Drilltools present at the IADC/SPE Managed Pressure Drilling & Underbalanced Operations Conference and Exhibition earlier this month.

After a successful exhibition, we were delighted to receive your questions and interest in our Valves.

We would also like to thank the Society of Petroleum Engineers International and the IADC for setting up such a successful and well managed event.

If any conference members missed our presentation, please feel free to watch it back through the on demand link sent out by the event managers.

We look forward to the next event!

Drilltools Timeline

Drilltools Ltd. has been established and trading for 7 years now so we thought we would pinpoint a few key moments we have had over the years.

As you'll know from our previous post, the DT valve has completed over 100 successful runs in the field, which is a huge achievement for us. The DT valve has come a long way in the last 7 years and hopefully this timeline gives you an insight into the process of getting to this stage.

Charlie Leslie joins Drilltools as Technical Advisor

Charlie Leslie

We are delighted to introduce another extremely valued member of our Drilltools team. Charlie Leslie is joining us as a Technical Advisor.

Charlie is a degree qualified mechanical engineer and has 49 years worldwide oilfield experience. He started his career as a wireline and well test engineer with Schlumberger before moving on to BP where he worked globally for 32 years. Since retiring from BP in 2014, he has worked independently as a consultant to a number of companies. He has several SPE publications to his name and is well respected in the fields of coiled tubing, drilling and well intervention.

DT Flapper Safety Valve Animation

We thought we would share with you all a short animation of how our flapper safety valve works.

Please give it a watch and don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions!

DT Flapper Safety Valve

We are delighted to announce that our DT Flapper Safety Valve has had over 100 successful runs to date and has become a standard addition to drilling BHAs in several HPHT operations.

The DT valve comes in four sizes and incorporates a combination of design features to provide solutions required to address a number of oilfield drilling functions where conventional designs have significant reliability issues.

DT Valve Run History

Modular Flapper Safety Valves

Based on previous success with our Flapper Safety Valves, we have launched prototype testing of our new modular Flapper Safety Valves. These incorporate a stackable design with valve sections which are fully independent and individually meet NORSOK well barrier requirements.

Following prototype testing we will commission an independent design review and API spec 7 NRV testing to launch a further fully certified product to the market.

Further updates will follow as the project progresses!